36 Days Of Type - Typography | Motion | Web - 2020

36 Days of Type is an annual Instagram challenge, where designers take on the task of designing a letterform a day over 36 days. Resulting in a full set of letters and numbers. It is a chance for designers to have a bit of fun alongside their standard practice.
   I took this opportunity to explore the world of kinetic typography and animation. I wanted to keep the challenge playful and fun, so the only restriction I gave myself was; it had to move.
   However, this challenge transends Instagram. I wanted to use the isolated period of the COVID-19 pandemic to create an online exhibition that allows people to feel as immersed within the glyphs as possible, through their screens. High amounts of interaction was extremely important, which lead to the devlopment of AR elements such as posters and Instagram face filters. Aswell as interactive typewriters in the exhibition. While also developing a number of showreels and an interactive collection.

Check out the Exhibition HERE