Art School Needs You! - Branding | Editorial - 2020

‘Art School Needs You’ is the name of the annual auction held by Third Year Graphic Design students at MSOA, to help raise funds for the end of year degree show. The auction involves approaching designers from all around to world in the hope that they will donate a print or artefact that we wouls be able to sell at the auction. The auction was a team effort and we were able to obtain donations from some of the worlds most renowned designers and artists, such as; Paula Scher. Patrick Thomas, Eike König, Ian Anderson, Martin Parr, and many more. I took a big role in this incentive, both in terms of communication element (obtaining prints), as well as branding.
Each year the Third Years team up to brand and promote the auction. I created the logo, poster and catalogue of the prints that were going up for sale. Poster and programme have been risographed with fluorescent orange pigment.