John Cage 4’33” - Instalation - 2018

Visually mapping John Cage’s ‘4’33’. A piece of ‘music’ that is based on the listener giving time to listen to their surroundings, and bring those little details of sound you don’t usually acknowledge, to the forefront of your consciousness.had no limitations when it came to the execution of the brief. I decided to pitch the idea of an installation, visually mapping live sounds of its surroundings. I created live visuals on Isadora that is linked to a sensitive microphone that picks up sounds you may not usually notice. The visuals were then project onto the surface of a record that is constantly crackling. The significance of the record and the crackling is down to at the beginning of record, is usually followed by music, I have taken this idea of anticipation and broken the expected. Leaving the listener in a constant state of waiting.