Let’s Cause A Bloody Fuss - Publication - 2020

‘Let’s Cause A Bloody Fuss’ aims to explore protests throughout the course of history and the typography surrounding the causes. Typography can be used to provoke emotions and feelings. A way to incite hope, anger and strength. Type can be used as a tool to promote change and an aid to give people a voice.
   This debut issue of ‘Let’s Cause A Bloody Fuss’ looks into the protests of 20th Century Britain. Taking a journey through some of the most influential and important protests of British history, and the typography that has been used to support the demonstrations.
This publication covers 6 iconic British strikes or protests of the 20th Century (Suffragettes, Ford Machinists, Gay Liberation Front, Grunwick Dispute, Miners’ Strike and the Poll Tax Riots). Takes you on a tour of the Briton’s right to disagree. Documenting the highs and lows of British grit and how typography holds an important place in the history of protest.