Op*rate - Branding | Editorial | Concept - 2019

This was a Uni project in which we were set the task of rebranding opera to make it more appealing to a younger audience. As a group we decided to curate a hypothetical festival that would bring opera to a younger audience by performing them in venues they are already familiar with, such as bars, clubs and pubs.
We chose a bright colour scheme to make it eye catching a memorable, as well as using bold, sans serif font that you wouldn’t usually associate with opera. I took the lead role in the editorial side of the project, curating a programme for the festival that was nice to look at as well as being informative. Within the programme included photography, type and illustrations, all well related to the brand. I also was involved in poster design and animations for social media. We then had to go through a number of stages of pitches, which lead to a final pitch to a number of well established industry professionals. Ian Anderson (The Designers Republic), Craig Oldham, Hwa Young Jung (Re-Dock) and Maria Adamo (Design By Day).