Three White Stripes - Publication - 2020

My fold out publication ‘Three White Stripes’ is a response to a brief set by Designer Craig Oldham. Who tasked me to create a publication presenting the narrative around an iconic event, person or thing. The publication documents the development of the Adidas football boots that paved the way for the Copa Mundial, the most iconic boot ever (in my opinion). I’d been wanting to do a project centred around football for a long time. However, football already having such a recognisable and iconic visual language, I wanted to create something both a designer and football fan would be interested in while not being cliche. This brief, was the perfect chance to give it a go.

The publication is printed on a near A2 sized GF Smith Colourplan that replicates the aspect ratio of a football pitch and housed in Gmund Alezan ‘Rhinoceros Wild’ a crazy paper that looks and feels like leather!